Loan Bank Frequently Asked Questions

Loan Bank Access:

Using The Online Storefront:

Courier Service:

Miscellaneous Issues And Problem Solving:

I am frustrated with some aspect of the loan bank, should I give up?

No, please contact someone from the Central SWAAAC office at Assistive Technology Partners:

Who has access to the loan bank?

Equipment in the loan bank is available for infants, toddlers and children in the public school system. Anyone (i.e., SWAAAC members, teachers, parents…) can view the online catalog from the SWAAAC website. However, equipment must be requested and ordered by a SWAAAC Team Coordinator or designated Early Intervention Consultant.

Where can I find the online storefront?

Access the storefront from the SWAAAC or Tech for Tykes websites ( or ).

Why is loan bank access limited to SWAAAC Team Coordinators and Early Intervention Consultants?

The loan bank is funded primarily by the Colorado Department of Education to provide equipment for children in Colorado public schools. Early Intervention also contributes to the purchasing of equipment for children birth to three.

In addition, limiting storefront access to SWAAAC Team Coordinators and Early Intervention AT Consultants helps with the management of the loan bank.

I forgot my login information, where can I find my username and password?

Contact the Central SWAAAC Office at 303-315-1274 or 1278. Or email or

Once I’m logged in, how do I find the equipment I am looking for?

Use the white search field if you know the name of the device. Note: if you misspell the device, your search results will not find it. When using the search field, it is better to type LESS.

You may choose to “Browse products by category.” Many users find this useful. However, we’d like to caution you that some category searches are rather broad and result in 20-25 pages.

Please contact the central SWAAAC office if you need help finding equipment.

Should I save the order confirmation that appears when placing a request?

This is not required, but may come in handy if your request is lost. Save either an electronic copy or printed copy for your records.

How do I know if my school has a courier site? And, where can I find our code?

When you place a request through the storefront, you’ll be asked to select your courier location.  A list of sites can be found at Click on “Courier Management System” under Library Courier. Then select “Courier Code Reports” in the yellow box. Scan the list to find your school or district’s courier location. Someone at your school library might be able to help too.

Contact the Colorado Library Consortium directly if you have questions about the courier service, or if you would like to add a site. Sharon Walker should be able to help you and can be reached at 303-422-1150, 888-206-2695 or

Where can I access a courier slip if I need to return a device? And, what is the difference between the blue courier slip and the multi-page, carbon copy forms?

When we send equipment, we typically include a half-sheet with instructions for using the courier service as well as an extra courier slip for returning devices. If you need another courier slip, you can access one from the Colorado Library Consortium’s website:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Courier Management System under RESOURCE SHARING
  3. In the purple box at the bottom of the page, click on Print Routing Slips under SERVICE ISSUES & ROUTING SLIPS
  4. You will be asked to enter your courier code
  5. You will need blue paper to print the slips
  6. Our code is C209. SWAAAC/ATP. Attn: Alexis Missel 303.315.1274

We prefer that you use the multi-sheet carbon copy form so that we can track the delivery. However, the courier service is very familiar with the blue slips and they will work as well.

How can I renew a device?

The loan bank policy allows a one time, two week extension on any device that is not waitlisted. Contact your Central SWAAAC Office with your request to extend a loan.

If you would like to recheck-out an item for another student, email your Central SWAAAC Office. They will verify there is no waitlist, and have you submit a new request on the storefront (please add a statement in the notes about already having the device).

What should I do if we received a device that does not work?

Return the device with the equipment survey or a note describing the problem. Please specify if you would still like to receive the device once it is repaired.

How do I know when the equipment is due?

We try to note the due date on the courier slip that is taped to the top of the box. If it is not there, assume you have the device for four weeks. You may also email your Central SWAAAC Office for a list of checked out items, with due dates.

I requested a device four weeks ago and haven’t received it. Has it been sent yet?

Most likely, the equipment is currently checked out to someone else and is unavailable. In some rare cases, the request never made it to our inbox. Contact us with questions about the status of a request.

If equipment is available, it will be sent a day or two after receiving your request. If the equipment is not available, it will be sent as soon as we receive it from the previous borrower. This can make it difficult to plan for specific needs—if you need equipment for a certain date please add that to the notes when placing your request, and/or contact the SWAAAC office

Why should I read the loan bank waitlist emails that I receive?

The waitlist emails provide a lot of information that may help in the following ways:

  • Remind you to return equipment on time
  • Help you calculate when a device will become available
  • Let you know which items are not currently in high demand

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