Privacy and Confidentiality

Unless a visitor explicitly waives the confidentiality and privacy requirement, Assistive Technology Partners and its staff will keep all personally identifiable information provided by visitors completely confidential if such information is delivered in a manner that provides a reasonable expectation of privacy. Information about an individual that is publicly posted on the web site by that individual will not be considered to create a reasonable expectation of privacy and will be considered to be the equivalent of an explicit waiver of confidentiality with regard to all information provided in that post. Unless consent has been given to disclose such material, all e-mails, instant messaging, and other person-to-person communications will be regarded as confidential to the extent they contain personally identifiable information as will all information collected about visitors by Assistive Technology Partners for the evaluation and improvement of the website. For the purposes of this document, confidentiality is defined as not making personally identifiable information available to any other organization, public or private.

Assistive Technology Partners and its staff will respect the wishes of anonymous visitors to our website and respect their right to privacy. We will not attempt to ascertain the identity of visitors who do not willingly disclose such information.

When you visit our website, we collect the following information about you:

  • The IP address from which you access our site,
  • The date and time of each visit to our site,
  • The number of times you have accessed our site,
  • The content you access during your visit to our site,
  • Web Browser software: (for example, Mozilla/4.76 (Macintosh; U; PPC),
  • The Domain name and Internet URI address of the Website that linked you to our site.

This information is collected so that we can evaluate the effectiveness of our website and take appropriate actions to improve our website over time. You will not receive advertisements, solicitations, emails, or any other message simply by virtue of your visit to our site. Though not all content will be available without the use of cookies, the majority of the content on our website will still be accessible.

External links disclaimer and policy

Assistive Technology Partners website contains links to many external websites and materials that are not part of Assistive Technology Partners website (third party web pages). Links to these third party web pages are provided solely as a convenience and should not be taken to indicate ownership, control, endorsement, monitoring of, approval of, or responsibility for, the third party site or its contents by Assistive Technology Partners. Assistive Technology Partners has no control over the accessibility for people with disabilities of third party web pages.

While most sites welcome links that draw new individuals to their web pages, legal actions have been pursued when links have been used to bypass the home page and thus the efforts of the owner to display or use cookies, security measures, tracking techniques, stated terms of use, and disclaimers. Other complaints include the use of IMG links to facilitate the violation of copyright, framed links to mislead the viewer into believing that the site is of your own creation, or defamatory use of links. Because of these emerging concerns, Assistive Technology Partners website will employ external links in a responsible manner using the following guidelines:

  1. Assistive Technology Partners website will not employ IMG links to other sites without permission from the site owner.
  2. Assistive Technology Partners website will not use frames to open links to outside pages within our own pages.
  3. Assistive Technology Partners website will not use links to attack or otherwise damage the reputation of others.
  4. Assistive Technology Partners website will not link to a picture or embed a graphic without permission of the owner.
  5. Assistive Technology Partners staff will attempt to check the website of all proposed links for policies that govern linking.
  6. When deep linking, if not restricted by posted guidelines or policies, Assistive Technology Partners will make efforts to:
    • Respect the integrity of website security measures.
    • Not deep link past all advertisements on commercial web pages.
    • Will always include the identity of the owner of the linked-to page or provide a link to site’s home page in parentheses next to the “deep” link.
We request that others follow these same procedures when providing a link to any web page or content on Assistive Technology Partners website.