AT Consultant Training

There are two primary training requirements for early intervention (EI) providers who want to become assistive technology (AT) consultants. The first is the online training, which has four modules for AT in EI: Overview of AT for Early Intervention, AT for Communication, AT for Positioning and Mobility, and AT for Play and Interaction. For more information, click on the Web-Based Training link in the drop down menu under Education & Training on this page (or click here).

The second requirement is to either have attended the November, 2016 statewide live training in person or view it online. Although this is a prerequisite to becoming an EI AT Consultant, it can be viewed by anyone who is interested in AT for young children. Content includes:

  • Introduction and overview of AT in Colorado
  • Challenges and solutions for the provision of AT services in Colorado
  • An overview of the web-based training on this same website
  • An overview of documenting AT on the Colorado state IFSP
  • An overview of funding AT and using the Colorado loan bank and courier system

EI Consultant Training Videos

For more information on becoming an EI AT consultant, click here.