Assistive Technology Resources for Infants and Toddlers

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Do you need Help…

  • supporting an infant or toddler during meal time
  • adapting toys
  • assisting a toddler to communicate
  • making adaptations to a baby’s environment in order to enhance their exploration and participation

Assistive Technology Partners and Early Intervention Colorado (Part C) have collaborated to provide an Early Intervention Assistive Technology Resource Project for the entire state of Colorado. The project connects you and the families of Part C eligible children to local Early Intervention (EI) Assistive Technology (AT) Consultants who can consult with you. Contact the EI AT Consultant in your community. These EI AT Consultants have specialized training in assistive technology and access to equipment available for loan.

Something For Everyone!

The purpose of this project is to provide expertise to IFSP teams as they work with families who have children eligible for Part C. The goal is to enrich children’s experiences by helping them participate fully in play, learning, and everyday routines and activities.

Find the EI AT Consultant in your area

or contact Assistive Technology Partners.