Implementation Supports

Assistive Technology Partners offers numerous resources to assist with the implementation of assistive technology services for infants and toddlers. Click on the link to learn more about each resource.

  • Switch Spreadsheet - The switch spreadsheet is a resource that was put together by the clinical faculty at Assistive Technology Partners. It is intended for all ages. It lists a number of switches on the market, along with manufacturers/vendors, features, cost, and clinical impressions. It is meant to be a basic guide for switch users and not as an endorsement of any given products.
  • Software and Websites for Early Intervention - This resource lists some current software and websites that offer activities and learning opportunities for young children, including cause and effect, games, e-books, scanning training, and other activities. It lists software and websites by vendor, features, including activities available, accessibility, age categories, scanning, and whether or not it is free, and includes other resources. It is meant to be a basic guide for providers and families and not as an endorsement of any given products.
  • FAQ - The FAQ sheet offers a list of frequently asked questions related to assistive technology in early intervention.
  • AT Handouts - AT Handouts include short, one page descriptions of technologies available in the loan bank for early intervention specialists to trial with families. In addition, there are handouts on implementation ideas for AT in natural environments.
  • AT Flyer - This flyer uses a marketing approach to give the reader a basic understanding of assistive technology in early intervention and where they can find more information about it.
  • Tips & Tricks - This section offers case scenarios of how AT can improve function and participation for young children with disabilities and their families.
  • TA Brief - This document was written collaboratively with Early Intervention Colorado. It gives a comprehensive overview of all aspects of assistive technology in early intervention, including legal definitions of assistive technology services and devices, rights and responsibilities, funding, and documentation. It answers the difficult questions often asked such as how and when to document AT on the IFSP.